Hansaplast Regular Medicated Dressings- (100 +30 ) Strips

Hansaplast Regular Dressing: Medicated, Antiseptic Dressing A small scratch on your palm may not be painful but it is a glaring point of view for bacteria to enter your body and cause infections.


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  1. Quality Medicated Antiseptic Dressings
  2. Rough & ToughBrand: Hansaplast
  3. Reliable and Easy to Use
  4. Skin Colour
  5. Jar Contains 130 dressings (100+30 free)

Directions for use

  1. Ensure your skin is absolutely clean and dry before applying plaster.
  2. Change the plaster if wound pad gets wet.
  3. For better and faster healing, change the plaster every 24 hours.


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