Handsafe Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves (Blue)- 100 pcs. Box

Perfect HandSafe Nitrile Powder Free Gloves – Blue Color is nitrile disposable gloves are an excellent alternative to natural rubber disposable gloves. They are particularly beneficial to those that have a risk of allergenic reactions to the protein in natural rubber disposable gloves.


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  1. Not made from Natural Rubber Latex – 100 % Latex Free
  2. Powder Free
  3. Finger Textured
  4. Non-Sterlie
  5. Ambidextrous
  6. Chemo Resistance & Accelerator free gloves
  7. No allergies associated with latex or powder.
  8. Flexible soft design makes donning easy
  9. Available in five different sizes: Extra Small,Small, Medium, Large.& Extra Large
  10. Box of 100 pcs.


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